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only private eyes can tell

Feb. 18th, 2007 | 12:40 pm
location: bedroom.2>
mood: creativefeel like drawing
music: nothing.

Oh wow. So last night by the time I went to be I think that it was close to three thirty and then I woke up at noon. Holy Smokes. But anyways daddy is leaving again today until next weekend. Well actually he is leaving tomorrow morning but I have to say goodbye never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. bye to him tonight since we do not have school tomorrow! YAY! I probably won't end up doing anything though, what a surprise. I will most likely end up playing kingdom hearts or guitar hero the whole day! JOY! Maybe I will take some more myspace pictures. Oh, maybe I will call Hal to hang out. Not to sure. Well going to peace. Eat some lunch. Daddy made chili but I don't like chili all that much. I think I am going to draw! Maybe something for this site since I drew something for my Xanga. [Which to let you all know it just private except for one entry.] Peace loves. 2>

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I Went To The Year 3000!

Feb. 8th, 2007 | 07:27 pm
location: living room
mood: crazycrazy
music: Year 3000.

Well the snow hasn't stopped yet. We are on our fourth snow day of the week. I am about to go crazy from all of it. Shoveled off the roof today though. Jumped off three times! ahah. I would have gone over to Hailey's house today if mom had gone to work but there was too much snow for that. Downloaded tons of new songs! Rocket Summer. Talked to Sammie. Things are going good for her. Which I am glad to hear. Cleaned my room today and I have a desk now. Going to go. Sweet Life is on and dinner is going to be done soon. PEACE OUT LOVELYS. 2>

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the number 23.

Feb. 6th, 2007 | 09:16 pm
location: living room
mood: curiousschool tomorrow?
music: the television.

Okay lets thing. new news. new news. new news. oh yeah! Breaking News We have gotten four feet of snow in the past 48 hours. Insanity I tell you. Well other than all the snow we have had snow days monday and tuesday. Saturday I went to the movies with lolo julie and sarah to go see the messanger. It was wicked good. Like creepy yet good. I really miss going to the movies you know. Like I used to go all the time over the summer but not anymore. Sammie left saturday too. That sucked. It's sad. Cork and I are friends again. We need each other as friends. We were supposed to go to the mall on sunday but didn't. Then the snow started and pretty much didn't stop until noon today. We are supposed to get about another foot by tomorrow. I am kind of sick of not having school. Four day weekend is too much with not being able to do anything. I had to jump off of the back deck today and the snow was up to my shoulders and I wasn't even at the ground yet! Mom and I went out to dinner because she didn't want to cook. We were going to go to ruby tuesdays but when we got there it was closed. So we ended up going to friendlys. Okay so I am watching this show on tv and it is insane what some husbands due to their wives. Oh yeah and the number is twenty three. Also ski club friday, amazing! I went down the mountain for the first time ever. It took us like fourty five minutes to get down because we had to keep stopping for this one girl. Then just after the lesson I went down with a bunch of people. I beat cooper down and it was my second run ever. He has been skiing since last year! I didn't fall either. I really can not wait for fridays now!

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sskkii cclluubb

Feb. 2nd, 2007 | 11:41 pm
location: living room
mood: ecstaticinsane
music: some movie

Tonight was insane!!!!<3
I'll post about it tomorrow.

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where snow is measured in feet not inches!!<3

Jan. 29th, 2007 | 06:08 pm
location: the lliibbrraarryy
mood: cheerfulits snowing!!<3
music: the news is on! rapping in my head!

wow this is wicked beat. we are like in the middle of a huge-mungo blizzard. like three to five inches an hour. yeah. Oswego- where we measure our snow in feet, not inches. yeah. so now i don't get to go to dance to which i really wanted to do so i could talk to riley. but we do have dance saturday morning. nine through who knows when. most likely going through lunch at least. depending on who has to leave for work and the order of things we work in. yeah so most likely will have to walk down to Big M for lunch! yum!! yeah so things in school are cool i guess. sean and courtney are like avoiding me. karissa was wicked dissing sean at lunch when he came over to the table. along with austin and pike. saw courtney in school and i took one look and walked away. whatever! life goes on. went to work with mom after school until like four filing papers. fun! i get paid for it when i finish them all at least. i got a 88 on the math midterm! not as good as the last one but i am almost positive it is the highest in the class. so that will be for the past two five weeks that i have had the highest score! yay me!! Jourdan's birthday is coming up. which also means my favorite holiday!!! Valentime's Day!!!<3 i do not know why but that is like my favorite holiday. weird. the funny thing is is that the past two years it's not like i have had a boyfriend to make them better. and i most likely won't have one this year! no shocker!! ahaha. well nothing else really to say. peace out ya'll.
p.s. trying to write more often too!!<3

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I think I'll go to Boston

Jan. 28th, 2007 | 12:39 pm
location: living room
mood: hungryeatting easy mac
music: boston

wow once again i haven't posted in ages. today is tyler and mc's birthday! exciting.
karissa is coming over to go sledding. yesterday went to a sledding party. madd fun.
friday was ski club. broke up with sean on the bus ride home. became friends with scaccia again.
well nothing more. peace!

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ACK! haven't been here!

Dec. 31st, 2006 | 03:51 pm
location: bedroom. <3
mood: ecstaticnew years eve!!<3
music: colors//crossfade

Wow i am so bad. I was like yeah I am going to post here every day! NOT! I haven't posted in over a month. ACK!
Well anywho. It's new years eve! YAY! New year means a new screename. [C dizzle youknow] I am so excited for tonight. I am going over to Hal's. ppaarrttaayy. with her! ahh. so excited.
Leaving for Disney [again] in only nine days. This time around nick and lisa are coming with us. so are my grandparents who haven't come with us in like ten years!
Christmas and Birthday went well. For my birthday mom took me to the mall and was like you can get an outfit from Hollister and one from Abecrombie. I ended up getting one from Limited Too also. [I GOT PLAID SHORTS] I am wearing them the first day back. [tuesday] Wicked excited. Nick will be pissed but whatever.
I had dance this morning. Still pretty beat from that. Thinking about taking a nap so I am not to tired though. for tonight and everything.
So I am like in love with this new layout. It is sooo cute. I could not decide between some but ended up really liking this one.
Well I am going to peace out. Maybe going to draw. or Game cube. but then again I still need to pack. Peace Out Ya'll.[last post of 2006!]
H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! <3

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(no subject)

Nov. 19th, 2006 | 10:48 am
location: living room. <3
mood: happyWe're going to Disney World!<3
music: none

oh my gosh. So I can't wait. We are leaving for Disney in less than five days! ahh. I am so excited. I am going to miss everyone here.
But anyways yesterday mom and I went to the mall and went to bulid-a-bear. I got Mumble from Happyfeet.<3 He is so cute. His heart lights up and then he says four different lines from the movie. He is so so so adorable. Before we went to the mall we went to Lowe's and we got a new christmas tree. It has the fake snow on it and multi-colored lights.
After mom and I got home from the mall Hailey came over to spend the ngiht. We ended up going to see Happyfeet. That movie was so cute. I totally loved it.<3
So back on the Disney topic, I have to pack, everything. I haven't even started. I have like a list of what to pack in this book that I bought.
Nothing more really to say. I hopefully post before the trip but if not, I will be sure to post after. peace ya'll.<3

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(no subject)

Nov. 11th, 2006 | 07:44 pm
location: bedroom. <3
mood: energeticfinally.<3
music: part of your world;;the little mermaid

ahh. I got my ski stuff today!!! yay!!! I am wicked excited.
AmbEr is coming over tonight!! I haven't seen her in forever I can't wait. Then tomorrow Julie is coming over for a movie day! Since the three of us haven't had one in forever even though we said that we would have one once a month. ha. see how good we are with dates.
so disney is in.. TWLEVE DAYS!! I still need to pack but I have a list of what to pack. yay! I am so exctied for this trip. actually all of us are and we have like no clue why.
nothing really else to say. half day thursday then early thanksgiving with the grents.school dance friday!! yay!! we are having a disney movie weekend next weekend too. me mom and possibly hailey. [dad will be at hunting camp]
okay now there really is nothing more to say.
i'm crazy, i know.
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redo from about a month or two ago

Nov. 9th, 2006 | 01:11 am
location: bed. <3
mood: ecstaticwith sister! leaving in 14!!!
music: brat pack!! <3

Spell your name without vowels?

Are you single?

Whats your favorite number?

Whats your favorite color?

Whens the next time you will see your crush?
--hopefully sooner than monday.

What are you listening to?
--brat pack!!

what are you doing right now?
--listening to brat pack and looking at disney pictures with sister!

Are you happy with your life right now?
--eh. it could be better.

Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?

What is your favorite class in school?

Do you shop at hollister/abercrombie & fitch/ae?
--yes ma'am.

How do you make money?
--babysit and chores.

Do you ever wish you were 5 years old again?

what is your favorite day of the week?

Are you outgoing?

One word to describe you.

Favorite pair of shoes?
--my nike's.

Do you own big sunglasses?

Where do you wish you were right now?
--in Disney World. but will be there in less than fourteen days!!

What should you be doing right now?
--nothing really.

Do you have a crush on anyone right now?

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